Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Media Consumption Reflection

I think most teenagers have heard pretty much everything there is to hear on the topic of how cell phones, Facebook, and practically any form of media beyond newspapers is what's wrong with "kids these days". While I'll admit that many teenagers, including myself, often spend a lot of time using these kinds of media, I don't think that it is necessarily a bad thing. I wasn't surprised to find in doing my media consumption log that I spend a significant portion of my time on my phone. I am aware that the time I spend throughout the day scrolling through tumblr, reading fanfiction, or following trails of buzzfeed links to the darkest corners of the internet, adds up. While it is true that this usage sometimes happens in lieu of homework, I don't believe that simply because it aids me and countless other teenagers in our procrastination, that the internet is somehow inherently bad. (Besides, as someone with ADHD, I would be able to find other ways to put off my work. Reading, reorganizing my bookshelf, staring at a wall...
from tumblr
...Yeah. The internet is definitely not to blame here.) On the contrary, I would say that a lot of the media most teenagers consume on a daily basis is to an extent educational. While watching old TV shows on YouTube until 1 am on a school night (something I did with astonishing regularity in middle school) may not have been the best use of time, there are a lot of things to be learned on the internet. If you follow the right people, you'll learn more on social media about things like social justice issues and politics than you're ever going to learn in high school. I think these kind of uses for media consumption are incredibly valuable, even if they take place on social networking platforms like Facebook or tumblr. I think this was a worthwhile assignment, because it forced me to be at least somewhat more aware of how I spend my time, even if I was somewhat prepared for the results. I also think it was a good assignment in that the goal was not to shame us for using certain kinds of media, but to get us to look more closely at what we use and think more deeply about our personal media consumption as well as media usage in general.

-From a galaxy far far away


  1. I really liked how you brought up social justice as valuable area of social media while explaining how beneficial the internet actually is.

  2. I like that you talk about the different sides of the internet, informative and distracting, because there is both.

  3. I like the gif a lot, Charlie is great. I also like that you discussed the informative and entertainment side of things

  4. Yes! I agree with your opening paragraph about how the internet isn't just a bad thing, and that adults make it seems like we don't actually know how much time we waste. We're very aware! We choose to spend our time this way.